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David Watson, president of Watson Bros, is a licensed and bonded general contractor with the state of California. His goal when he began his business 10 years ago, was to own a company that he could pour his values and inspiration into and use to enrich people lives. It has been an enormous blessing to see this dream come to fruition with hundreds of satisfied customers that provide, almost exclusively, a referral based business. David Watson’s passion for the construction industry was born at the young age of sixteen when he had the incredible opportunity to work full time for a residential contractor in Redlands, Ca while finishing his education in the evenings. Following that, he moved to Long Beach and learned a vast amount of construction and business knowledge working for several residential and commercial construction companies, both as a lead carpenter and later, a project manager, before finally starting his own business in 2008. He counts it an enormous blessing to wake up every morning and absolutely love what he does, and is beyond grateful for the opportunities and resources God has brought his way. David currently lives in Long Beach with the reason he works hard every day to come home: his wife, Erin, of ten wonderful years and their six year old son Drew. He would love to give all glory and thanks to God who has provided every perfect gift and does all things well.


The company at Watson Bros is literally a hand-picked dream team. When David Watson first began his company, he hired his lifelong loyal friend, Blake Shelton, as an apprentice carpenter at the tender age of 16. Since then, Blake has excelled into the lead carpenter/project manager position, and, along the way, has become his brother-in-law. That was a very happy story. The cherry on this sundae is David’s brother and best friend, Andrew Watson. As the company grew, Andrew joined Watson Bros as their project manager and salesman. His energy, attention to detail and fine-tuning of the company has proved an invaluable asset. The Watson brothers have been swinging hammers together since they could walk and have supported and helped each other in every endeavor in life, so to unite in business has been a realized dream. All three brothers are deeply appreciative to the company’s office administrators, Lana Morey and Ashley Watson, who work behind the scenes to ensure every detail is taken care of smoothly and efficiently. When a group of talented, ambitious, honest, hardworking people- who care deeply for each other- unite in a common goal, they produce a product that is unparalleled.

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